Premium unit

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This impressive model is not only compact but very powerful.
It is most suited to houses/ apartments with a floor area of 120 mtr².
This product can be mounted in any garage or cupboard provided you have a ventilation grill.

  • compact
  • powerful motor
  • Minimum maintenance
  • low noise levels
  • easy to change dust bag
  • excellent value for money


Technical data

General information

Max. distance motor to socket 15m
Max. number of users 1
Estimated cleaning surface 100/120m²
Estimated number of sockets 4


Features vacuum cleaner

Primary filter paper filter
Secondary filter mousse filter
Capacity dust bin 8L
Dimensions 0,33 x 0,40 x 0,32
Installation dimensions 0,50 x 0,60 x 0,60


Features motor

General 220-250 VAC, 50 Hz
Nominal power 1400 W
Max power 1610 W
Max. current 6,5 A
Base Motor 139 mm


Features turbine

Type Motor Through Flow
Turbine 1
Neg pressure 3020 mmH2O
Max air flow 51,6 L/Sec
Max airwatts 587 W