Cyclo Vac Built-in Vacuums – Central Vacuum Systems

Welcome to Cyclo Vac Built-in Vacuums, we are able to supply or supply & fitintegrated central vacuum systems to both domestic homes and commercial properties. With over 15 years experience in central vacuum systems and 25 years experience in the vacuum cleaning industry, we are able to offer you sound advice on the right system for your home.



  • Central Vacuums remove dust from a room, meaning less vacuuming.
  • Virtually noise free, you can carry on watching TV, listening to the radio or even talking on the phone, whilst you vacuum
  • As you are only carrying a hose around, integrated vacuum systems are very light weight, no more dragging a heavy portable vacuum around your house.
  • With only a hose to store away, central vacuum systems take away the need to find storage for your vacuum cleaner.